Ocean Dress


A warm star filled embrace greeting for you. You have arrived here on Earth with a divine purpose. Our modern lifestyle has made us forget how DIVINE we are. Together we can re-empower and bring back the sacred female in all of us in order to bring balance to this world. After 20 years of experience in the fashion design, art, and marketing world, designer Lara Gallardo has felt a deep calling to help bring back our sacred essence.

A percentage of each item sold through the Goddess on the Rocks website will go directly to charities dear to our hearts that help educate women around the world. Thus creating a ripple effect to empower woman who are the nurturers of our cosmic journey.

Each of our designs have meaning, a reason for existing and it carries a message for you and for all that admire their uniqueness. We will also be adding in the near future a curated selection from other designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and such.

The goddess reminds us in our modern society that no single aspect of nature is separate or superior, and that its harmonious natural balance must be nurtured if Mother Earth, and all the life forms that she embodies and supports is to survive.


Be in your power,

Goddess on the Rocks



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