"Spread your spiritual wings. The goddess energy will assist you in unleashing your dreams..." 


Lara graduated from the prestigious Parson's School of Design in New York. While living in the Big Apple she honed her creative eye while working with famous designer, Ralph Lauren, in the Women's Wear Collection. Soon after she was the right hand of famed photographer, Robert Whitman, where she developed a high sense of artistic skills and a keen eye for art and commerce.

Gallardo is known for having lots of fire, passion, strength, being a risk taker, and having a zest for life. That is why her friends and her colleagues know her as Laradiva.

Her unique and exquisite designs have caught the attention of many fashion magazines, major retail stores, museums and celebrity clients. Her designs come from all her adventures and obstacles from her life, which brings her to where she stands today. After 14 years of living in NYC she has decided to relocate herself in Miami to raise her little boy while constantly traveling the world for inspiration.

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