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Goddess on the Rocks is the sister company of Laradiva, which was established by founder Lara Gallardo in 2001. After some life changing moments, she ventured into the art world, thus remaining passionate about design. So, in 2015, after another eye opening moment, she reignited her desire for helping others, especially women, through design and so Goddess on the Rocks was born.

Her designs have been seen on: Various magazines like InStyle, Ok, Sex and the City, E! News, The Style Network, The Bachelorette, High School Reunion, The Hills, The Average Joe, Citibank Commercials, MTV, VHI, Univision and the list continues....

Celebrities who have sported our designs:

Beyonce Knowles

Britney Spears Nelly Furtado Lil Kim Elizabeth Harrison Alicia Keys Elizabeth Haltsman Mally Roncal Kim Catrall Katrina Campins Alix Michelle Kelly Rowland





Peninsula Beverly Hills

Museo Del Barrio New York

Atik Boutique Scoop Yamak Tutu Nalunyc Milo Tangerine Marcos Island Resort Art Effect Room One American Rag Yellow Xin B Boutique Heels Lowes Coronado Bay Resort Hotel Venus (Patricia Fields) Lounge MISSTYX

Distributed: Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, Asia, South America, Caribbean

If interested in carrying Goddess on the Rocks in your store please contact us at info@goddessontherocks.com.

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3191 Grand Ave.#1494

Miami, FL 33233

E. goddessontherocks@gmail.com

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