Long Chalupa Story Necklace


Life is a colorful journey! These necklaces are created by hand by using real original Mexican bingo cards known as Chalupas. They are carefuly transformed into charms to create stories with each necklace, not one is like the other. It is like receiving your own oracle.  What makes them even more fun is how they swing and sway with the colorful tassles, different charms and semi precious stones.  Truly a conversation piece.


Necklace material: High premium silk thread

Gold plated charms

Semi Precious stones

Measures 24" long


Disclaimer: For beauty and entertianment only.

  • Care Instructions

    These are very carefuly curated pieces made by hand. Not one is like the other, creating a story of its own. Please do not go in the water or get them wet. 



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