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How to take care of your jewelry


1. Just as icing is the last thing you put on the cake, so should it be with your costume jewelry. Simply put, your faux pieces need to be the LAST thing you put on just prior to leaving the house in the morning, and the FIRST thing you remove upon arriving home in the evening. Keeping this practice will mean less wear/tear on your jewelry, giving you longer use out of it. Put your piece(s) away ASAP to avoid any damage or harm to it.

2. Do not spray any perfumes or hairsprays after you've put your jewelry on, because this will alter the finish on the piece. It could change colors or get ruined somehow, and you wouldn't want this for your new investment.

3. Lotion is a big NO NO! Do not wear it around your neck or wrists when wearing your jewelry for the same reasons listed above--it could ruin the finish on the necklaces/bracelets. Try not to touch or let others touch your jewelry, as the oil from your/their fingers will transfer onto the pieces. Not only that, their energy. Remembering to occasionally use a cotton cloth to wipe down the jewelry is a good idea, but you don't have to be overly fanatical about this.

4. Remove your faux rings prior to hand washing.

5. Remove your earring when chatting on your cell, this can damage the shape of your new jewels, and if you go out to dance like a star make sure you check on your pieces that they haven't flown over into someone's Martini. Yes, our pieces cause a commotion!

6. If your new acquisition is made of a semi precious stone, make sure to bring out on the light of the new moon so it can be charged.