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International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! I had a very spiritual dream in the summer of 2015 and I was given a message to paint exactly this (pictured above) and share it with the world. The white dove 🕊in the pink sun is the Divine Spirit and the ladies are showering their life with the explosive love of our Creator/Creatrix. If only I could add to the painting the melody emanating in the dream of a heavenly gentle "aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh" that was heard through out. Their swimsuits are a reminder to us to swim in the eternal ocean of Love/Bliss which is our birthright. It is the future... The divine feminine is rising and equality for all is being assisted from the divine to bring back balance, pure love ❤️ and peace.

Incredible to see I was able to "download" exactly my dream on to the canvas; the colors, the expression, the bliss. There is no fear in pure Love! I was given exactly 7 days to create it, (countless hours- day and night) just like the 7 days of creation. You can't see it here in the picture but their bodies glow... I present to you "Dream 77" - measures 43" x 58" painted with acrylic on canvas. Number 7 has tons of meaning and I have been seeing it everywhere ever since this dream. There is also the Trinity in this dream. Can you see it?

I hope this painting makes you smile and uplifts your soul. Please share with me what it makes you feel.

With blissful love,