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Face Masks. The new normal.

During the first announcements, I was in denial. As the virus progressed, I became frozen in disbelief like everyone else.

The impact was immediate. We all succumbed to cleaning and purging, but a feeling of togetherness as we began talking about what was happening. By my past experiences, I instantly turn chaos into positive and channel it through my creative fuel. It had to be organic and come from my heart, a place of love and giving.

And so it transpired, my cleansing miraculously turned up one of my first designs for my first company which landed me in the best stores in the US and Australia. I had been a young swimwear designer and had left that for a different artistic vehicle, but I believe the universe gives us what we need. Mine reminded me to take my craft as an artist and create beauty. My handmade masks came to be.

It was no coincidence I turned over material that I saved, so I went to work. If our new normal was to be protected then I wanted to ensure it was done with good #craftsmanship that will endure, beauty in details that are appreciated, and with Love to make the wearer proud.

I researched proper mask designs where I stumbled upon the conditions some masks were being made in – with no judgment, as everyone wants to help, I wanted to ensure my #handmade #facemasks were as safe and hygienic as they could be. I would ensure a clean, COVID-19 free environment; no contamination, no dirt, hygienic conditions and an intention set for each mask – safe, health, LOVE and beauty.

With my soul, I bring you my mask designs for the entire family. Not only will you be safe, our custom design are machine washable and reusable. Know that each mask you purchase builds a community of togetherness as I am also giving to Frontline workers who are not so recognized. The Post Office worker, grocery store cashier, stocker and bagger, delivery person, our Nurse friends, the custodians in the hospitals, and those in our community who are impacted.

I hope you enjoy your mask as if it was a new fabulous jacket, but also that it gives you a feeling of community and togetherness. Know that it was made with my heart, soul and love. I only do this with the intention of giving back love and art to all the behind the scene frontliners.

Stay safe and radiant.



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